R2RM - Reached 2 Reach Out Ministry

R2RM / Seeds of Hope Kenya, Kenya, R2RM Navaisha
Reached 2 Reach Out Ministry (R2RM) is a non-denominational Christian organization which aims to provide vocational training to vulnerable populations, with a focus on helping street children and children aging out of orphanages. These children are most at-risk as they have little or no familial support system. We will also work with children who have been exposed to high-risk situations, such as child marriage, child prostitution, abuse, homelessness and extreme poverty. These children rarely have access to an education, and those who do have difficulty being successful because of a lack of encouragement and support.

R2RM’s goal is to stimulate development and growth through Christian stewardship as well as positively influence interpersonal relationships and the development of the family unit. Our work will be a practical expression of God’s compassion and love for His children. Participants of R2RM will have access to counseling services rooted in spiritual guidance, and learn practical applications to assist them in achieving their goals and dreams.

R2RM’s curriculum will include entrepreneurship, sustainable business development, and creating partnerships. Students will train in life, business and vocational skills including; carpentry, joinery, plumbing, agriculture, hair and beauty therapy, fashion design, beading, crafting and home care management. Courses will vary in length from six months to two years. Comprehensive and detailed syllabi will equip students with the knowledge and confidence required to lead an independent and productive life. Students will receive counseling services and training free of charge, but will be encouraged to generate some of the funds required to buy tools and set up their businesses using their skill sets towards the end of their training.

This will create confidence and independence in graduates to help them succeed in life after R2RM. We believe in encouraging students to take responsibility for their future and for the success of their businesses. Through the establishment of their own small business, graduates will be empowered to support themselves, their families and their communities. This not only gives graduates a sense of achievement and enhanced self-worth; it also helps break the vicious cycle of poverty and dependency.

Students in the vocational training programs will receive certification once their programs are completed, and will also be eligible to complete a government sponsored trade test that they can utilize to be competitive in a job market. R2RM will have a working farm to feed the students and also teach them valuable farming skills. We will also have a guest house where you can volunteer with the youth!

Our work and partnerships will be guided by three goals: Provision: We will meet the student’s material and emotional needs. Protection: We will protect the student’s right to have happy and fulfilling teenage years, free from neglect, cruelty and exploitation. Preparation: We will offer skills that enhance educational opportunities and prepare students to live a healthy, productive life.

If you have ever been reached by someone who cared, we invite you to help vulnerable children and teenagers achieve their goals and dreams through the Reached 2 Reach Out Ministry.