Martine Milouguiti

Partner: Kipuke Ministries
Community: Kipuke Girls Training Center
Location: Pya, Togo
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 01, 1998
Age: 18
School: Kipuke TS - Sewing
Grade: 4
Martine is studying to become a hair dresser. She needs help to overcome a background of poverty and lack of opportunity.

Martine's Unmet Needs

Trade School
Your monthly sponsorship will help train a woman in need with a marketable skill. The women choose between the sewing or hair dressing track for career preparation. They also receive core training in Bible studies, French and English literacy, mathematics, farming, cooking, health, and hygiene. This life-changing training gives many women hope after coming from difficult situations including poverty, abuse, neglect, and forced marriage. The women graduate the program after 4 years with the confidence they need to find work and live productive lives.
Basic Needs
Your monthly sponsorship will help cover basic needs for a woman in the training program. These needs include food, healthcare and a uniform.  
(2 sponsorships are needed to fund Martine)
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