Gladys Wanjiru

Partner: BrightPoint Post Secondary Students
Community: BrightPoint Post Secondary School
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 13, 1995
Age: 22
School: Nairobi Institute of Business Studies
Grade: 14
Gladys came from a single-parent home where her mother was no longer able to provide for her. She was a member of the Daraja African Children’s Choir and she enjoys singing and dancing. Now, Gladys is attending the Nairobi Institute of Business Studies and is pursuing a certificate in Food and Beverage Service.

Gladys' Unmet Needs

Secondary School
This student has qualified for Secondary School, which is a huge accomplishment in Kenya!   Your monthly sponsorship will go towards your child's school fees and school supplies.  Your sponsorship will make a dream come true and give this student the chance at a much brighter life!  
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