John Wachira

Partner: BrightPoint Post Secondary Students
Community: BrightPoint Post Secondary School
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 03, 1996
Age: 22
School: Amboseli Institute of Hospitality & Technology
Grade: 14
John was found abandoned and almost starving. He is from the Central Province of Kenya and arrived at the Havilla Children's home in September 2007. John enjoys swimming, fishing and singing. John also really likes international praise and worship music. He would like to become a chef and began studies toward a Certificate in Food & Beverage Production at the Amboseli Institute in July 2017.

John's Unmet Needs

Secondary School
This student has qualified for Secondary School, which is a huge accomplishment in Kenya!   Your monthly sponsorship will go towards your child's school fees and school supplies.  Your sponsorship will make a dream come true and give this student the chance at a much brighter life!  
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