Gabriel Njoroge

Partner: BrightPoint Post Secondary Students
Community: BrightPoint Post Secondary School
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 24, 1996
Age: 22
School: PC Kinyanjui
Grade: 13
Gabriel was orphaned by HIV/AIDS in 2004. He lived at the Havilla Children's Home and through the help of sponsorship was able to complete secondary school. He joined the Kenya National Youth Services after graduating in order to receive government assistance for his college education. He has begun coursework at PC Kinyanjui Technical to attain a diploma in General Agriculture. Though the government provides his tuition fees, Gabriel needs some assistance with his living expenses as he is also helping his younger sister pay her secondary school fees so she has the same opportunity that he was given.

Gabriel's Unmet Needs

Secondary School
This student has qualified for Secondary School, which is a huge accomplishment in Kenya!   Your monthly sponsorship will go towards your child's school fees and school supplies.  Your sponsorship will make a dream come true and give this student the chance at a much brighter life!  
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