BrightPoint for Children is a registered 501c(3) non-profit created to help organizations raise money to support children around the globe through a child sponsorship model. Founded in 2007, BrightPoint supplies the administrative support and technology for organizations to raise the funds needed to provide food, clothing, shelter, adult care, mentoring, education, or any other special needs required for a child to thrive in their current environment.

Raising funds year in and year out can be a daunting task for any non-profit organization. Donations don’t always come in consistent, monthly increments. There are good months and not-so-good months as cash flow can have peaks and valleys. With monthly child sponsorship, funds are donated consistently month after month, which levels the cash flow that is needed to run your organization. The next question is how to get the technology and administrative processes in place to sustain monthly child sponsorship. That’s where we step in. BrightPoint for Children provides the essential services for helping your organization sponsor your children:


Website Presence    Pledges and Statements   Child Audits
We post pictures and profiles of your children so that they can be sponsored online.   We send sponsorship reminder statements to sponsors who pay by check or want a monthly pledge/invoice.   We provide the check- lists for your organization to update the status of the children so the records of your children can be accurate.
Sponsor Packets   Year-end Tax Statements   Child/Sponsor Transition
We create the materials that can be handed out to groups of potential donors at a sponsorship event.   We send year-end tax statements as required by law to all donors, no matter the size of the yearly donation.   We help you transition the sponsor to support another child when a sponsored child is no longer a part of the program.
Payment Processing   Child Letters to Sponsors   Collections
We receive and process credit cards, checks or ACH payments.   We collect letters from your children, record them, and send them out to your sponsors.   We contact sponsors who may have fallen behind on their sponsorship giving so that you don’t have to remind them.

Fund Disbursements


Sponsor Letters to Children 

We send you the funds we’ve received on a monthly basis after subtracting our nominal administration fees   We collect letters from sponsors, record them, and send them out to be distributed to your children.    


If your organization serves children, let us serve you by relieving some of the fundraising and administrative burdens. With our customized child sponsorship services, you will have more time to spend focusing on your children!

BPFC helps YouthReach International do with excellence what we could only do mediocre without them. Their expertise in the area of donor partner care is unparalleled. By them being excellent on the back side of the sponsorship program, our ministry and teams on the ground can be excellent on the front lines of the sponsorship program. In the end, orphans are empowered, blessed, and protected. That only happens with BPFC doing what they do so wonderfully well.

Rob, YouthReach International
We love BrightPoint for Children! Their capable staff takes care of all the time-consuming administrative details necessary for us to have a Child Sponsorship program. They not only provide a valuable service to ministries, but the staff truly loves the orphans and vulnerable children they help serve. With BrightPoint managing the Child Sponsorship Program, we are able to focus on being the hands and feet of Jesus to the children in Zambia.

Nancy, Wiphan Care Ministries
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