Our Mission

We believe education is one of the keys for a child to fulfill their potential in this world. Without education, the chances for a child to better themself and break out of a cycle of poverty is slim at best.  Helping them on a new path through education will lead them to a better quality of life.

Our mission is to work with other non-profit organizations who are working with under served children to raise them up in a meaningul manner.   These organizations could be running childrens homes, schools, performing community development or other activity supporting the growth of children.  

We believe a child can be helped by establishing a lasting relationship between a sponsor and a child.  Through continued sponsorship, the relationship can be a bridge to faith, hope and transformation - for both the child and the sponsor.

We support frequent communication with your sponsored child.  We have a communication page to connect sponsors and children and work diligently to get communication back from your child to you.

We encourage you to visit your sponsored child -- an experience that will certainly be life changing for you both!  Short-term mission trips are available through our partners.