FIFTEEN is the leadership program created by Essential2Life whose vision is “to see a generation of urban youth move beyond obstacles to discover a direction in their lives”. Centered on the One Degree curriculum, FIFTEEN carries students through a three-year concentration during which they learn social responsibility, self-awareness, leadership, and life skills. Program participants are exposed to an environment conducive to realizing their future goals.


The goal of FIFTEEN is to develop emerging leaders within public high schools and, as a result, to produce well-rounded individuals who take ownership of their future and who promote social responsibility within their communities.


  1. Teach Leadership Development
    Students learn skills that foster leadership development. The program focuses on character, communication, commitment to excellence, work ethic, lifelong learning, and creativity.

  2. Promote Social Responsibility
    Students are empowered to transition from observers to leaders who inspire change within their schools and communities.

  3. Foster Self-Awareness
    Each student is unique, and we will help them identify and develop their individual strengths.

  4. Build Positive Relationships
    Students are paired with a mentor who will serve as a positive role model and life coach. Mentors build participants’ relationship skills and provide a strong network of support and encouragement.

  5. Create Vision
    Students learn how to create and cast visions for their lives. They learn the importance of setting and attaining goals.

Current Programs

The FIFTEEN program is being conducted by Essentials2Life for Atlanta Public Schools. A sister program is being conducted by BrightPoint for Children in partnership with Essentials2Life for Osborne High School in Cobb County Georgia.

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