Wiphan Care Ministries

Wiphan Care Ministries began in the heart of a Zambian widow named Kunda Tumelo. After losing her own husband, Timothy, God developed a passion and heart for the other widows and orphaned children in the community of Ndola, Zambia. The compounds of Ndola contain thousands of mud homes filled with countless widows and orphans due to HIV/AIDS. Overwhelmed by compassion, Kunda was given a vision to help the widows and children - a vision to start a ministry called Wiphan (WI=widows + PHAN=orphans) Care Ministries.

Kunda later connected with a dear friend in the US, Kevin Jones, and the American support organization was born soon after. Out of Kunda’s loss was born a ministry that brought hope and promise to many women and children who struggle to make it each day.

Wiphan’s mission to equip widows and orphans for a productive future life, offering hope to the hopeless through the love of Jesus Christ. Their mission is inspired by the instruction God gives in James 1:27 “to look after widows and orphans in their distress". Wiphan strives to take care of ladies and children in Zambia by showing them that God loves them and is their provider.

Wiphan educates and cares for students on three school campuses including Nkwazi, Mapola and Westbourne as well as supporting secondary school students through the Inshila program. The government schools in Zambia charge tuition, which for many households in the compounds is unaffordable. Many elementary-age children in these areas, especially orphans, are unable to attend school. Wiphan offers sponsorships that help to provide children with a free Biblically-based education, 5-meals-a-week, basic medical care and uniforms.

Wiphan believes that as they travel and minister to those in need they must all be grounded in the fact the God has provided a way to fulfill his commission and for His name to be glorified first and foremost in their work.