Glory Outreach Assembly

From the first church planted at Ndungu Njeru in 1991, GOA embarked on a spiritual trailblazing mission to accomplish the task of being witnesses not only in Jerusalem, but even up to the uttermost parts of the world. To date over 70 churches have been planted in Nairobi, Rift Valley, Nyanza, Eastern as well as Central Province and now with the latest venture in Nyanza.

The Compassion pillar of GOA, works with vulnerable children and orphans to meet the basic needs and education requirements for children in six GOA homes throughout Kenya.

Glory Outreach Assembly Project Sponsorships

GOA Mwanyani Children’s Home Operating

Glory Outreach Assembly, Kenya, Mwanyani Children’s Home

We are excited to announce Glory Outreach Assembly’s first project! We will be working with GOA to create a thriving and sustainable children’s home in Tharaka, Kenya. This community has been ravaged by HIV/AIDS and a semi- arid climate, and there are many orphans in the community as a result. Together we can make a home for the Tharaka children!