About Us

BrightPoint for Children is a Christ-centered, child sponsorship organization through which sponsors can provide for the basic needs and education of impoverished children wherever they may live.

Our BrightPoint Child Sponsorship Program addresses the most significant barriers to a child receiving their education. We customize every program to meet the specific needs of groups of children. Our sponsorships help impoverished children:

  • Receive needed food, clothing, shelter, health care and adult care.
  • Attend school and receive a quality education.
  • Graduate with a secondary school education.

Child Sponsorship Services is the customized sponsorship division of BrightPoint for Children, Inc. Child Sponsorship Services offers private labeling sponsorship administration that emphasizes our partners’ organization and brand. We provide the administrative support and technology for non-profit organizations to have a child sponsorship program that can raise funds needed to provide food, clothing, shelter, mentoring, or any other special needs required for a child to thrive in their current environment. See our list of partners for the organizations we currently serve. Examples of sponsorship needs are below.


Basic Needs Sponsorships:
This is an individual child sponsorship that:

  • Provides children with the food, clothing, shelter, health care, and adult care they need in order to attend and succeed in school.
  • Focuses on the most vulnerable children in need.
  • Requires children to attend school for continued support.

Primary School Sponsorships
This is a school class sponsorship that:

  • Focuses on improving the quality of education children receive in Primary School.
  • Provides desks, books, testing, after-school teaching programs, and teacher support.
  • Increases the number of students qualifying for secondary school.

Secondary School Sponsorships
This is an individual child sponsorship that:

  • Pays for children to attend secondary school.
  • Provides support for school fees, books, school uniforms, and boarding.